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TEX… So Long, Sweet Boy… Until We Meet Again… RIP…

TEX knew his mission and chose me to join him in it… He taught me to speak “DOG” so I could communicate with them all. He earned me the title of “Bishop of Dogs”. He made me greater than I could have ever been without him in my life. He opened hearts and minds and helped change the landscape for rescue in Utah and around the nation… He lobbied for the beneficial treatment of dogs in Utah. He acted in kindness always and knew his responsibilities to bring God’s love to all those he touched. He even left 3.5 hours before I landed in Salt Lake City rushing to his bedside to save me the anguish of sitting through his passing. I wish him PEACE, and only hope to see him once more at the Rainbow  Bridge.

The Gentle Giant who served us all is off on his next adventure, look for him to return to continue that mission someday, maybe with you… if you would only be so incredibly lucky to know “A Dog’s Purpose” and recognize him. Rest my companion, mentor and champion; rest. 

From all of us at American Dog Rescue, thank you for your service, guidance and love ♥️

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