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Since the summer of 1999, the St Martin’s Foundation has been rescuing animals and educating students about sustainability and compassion. Our “Green Team” are young activists who travel to local schools to educate kids about being kind to animals and the environment.

St. Martin’s also provides a home for homeless and abused animals. Our mission is to inspire children through creative courses in sustainability, animal care, and kindness. We seek to play an instrumental role in the positive upbringing of the next generation, so that they, too, will one day work to inspire others.

Placing customized Assistance Dogs with veterans and military dependents living with various disabilities.

Through the paws4vets Assistance Dog Placement Program, Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members or their dependents with physical, neurological, psychiatric or emotional disabilities can receive Psychiatric Service Dogs, Mobility Service Dogs and Rehabilitative Assistance Dogs.

Lastly, but not with less importance, we will change the concept and accepted attitude about housing animals in public and private shelters from chain link and concrete kennels for some, and steel cages for others, to a comfortable home style environment for all. Each hour of every day we, as the owner, staff, volunteers, and members of Paws2Help, strive to push toward this destination.

The aim of the charity is to improve the welfare of the animals of Afghanistan; which includes humanely reducing the stray dog population which in turn will reduce the incidents of canine rabies, provide animal welfare education for the Afghan people and develop training programmes to improve the lives of working animals. We have also now helped over 800 soldiers serving in Afghanistan to be reunited back in their home countries (USA, UK, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Holland and Germany) with the dogs or cats they rescued from the front lines of Afghanistan.