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FTLOD episodes 86-90

Episode 86

This week’s episode features Jenifer Batchelder, founding director of Texas Sporting Breed Rescue and dog behaviorist Susan Blatz, as well as a featured rescue story with Baxter and his family.

Episode 87

This week’s episode features guests from Greyhound Adoption League of Texas and Dog Scouts of America, as well of an adoption story about a dog named Faith.

Episode 88

Farah White returns in this week’s episode! Plus, guests from Animal Allies of Texas and Mutts Canine Cantina.

Episode 89

This week’s all-new episode features guests from Mazie’s Mission and a featured adoption story about a sweet dog named Pebbles.

Episode 90

This week’s episode features guests from Coppell Humane Society and Autism Speaks. Great stories of people helping dogs and dogs helping people!