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FTLOD Episodes 66–70

Episode 66

Bonnie Hill of Spay Neuter Network stopped by to discuss her organization’s mission. You can learn more at http://spayneuternet.org. Bonnie also gave us an update on “America’s Best Tails” guests Darin Tracy and his mother

Episode 67

JP Bonnelly returned to our show and brought along some Duck Team 6 friends to meet Arthur and Farah and discuss their organization’s efforts with street rescue. Duck Team 6 is an all-volunteer organization which captures street dogs and rehabilitates them in order to ultimately put them in loving homes.

Episode 68

We caught up with Gloria Moncrief Holmsten of Saving Hope Foundation (and very special canine guest Hope) in this episode to discuss Hope’s story from unspeakable abuse victim to rescue organization inspiration. Stacy Smith from Humane Society of Flower Mound also came by to discuss the great rescue work her organization is doing.

Episode 69

Leisha Adams, president of Texas Husky Rescue and Jim Wenger and Claire Fowler of DFW Rescue Me all stopped by to talk about the great work their rescue organizations are doing. Sea Lion and his foster mom Linda Mason also came by to discuss his journey, as he is preparing to move to his forever home in Australia. Sea Lion is an international ambassador for ending the savage dog meat trade in Southeast Asia.

Episode 70

Brigitte Robertson of Legacy Boxer Rescue and Jody Jones and Dr. Catherine McManus of Dallas Animal Services stopped by to discuss their organizations in our 70th episode. Arthur also gives a detailed account of how American Dog Rescue Foundation came to be.