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FTLOD Episodes 6 -10

Episode 6

In this very special show, hosts Arthur E. Benjamin and Farah White recount the tales from their trip to the Arctic Circle with the Humane Society of the United States to see the birth of the baby seals. As the seal hunting season is gearing up, Arthur and Farah make a plea for everyone to join the movement to help stop the seal hunt now.

Episode 7

Arthur E. Benjamin and his co-host Farah White are joined by Susan Kilgore, the president of Dallas Animal Advocates. Susan explains the incredible work Dallas Animal Advocates takes on to augment the wonderful work being done by local rescue groups. Rather than rescuing or fostering animals, Dallas Animal Advocates provides service that local rescue organizations don’t have the funding or focus for, paying for fences for tethered dogs and heartworm treatment for dogs rescued by Dallas Animal Services.

Episode 8

For the Love of Dogs TV this week meets with Kimberly and Kristana from Education Animal Rescue Society (EARS) Texas as they delve deep into the need for education for all dog owners. Available for adoption, three-legged Lincoln and pretty terrier mix, Cosette, were in the studio joining in the fun. EARS puts education at the heart of its mission and Kimberly Jenkins shares some insightful tips on the show. For anyone who owns, or wants to own a dog, this show is a must see!

Episode 9

In this very educational show, Arthur and Farah are joined by Director of Oncology at Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Dr. Heather Wilson and Director of Development, Chastity Rogers. One of the top three veterinary schools in the nation, Dr. Wilson discusses the groundbreaking clinical trials and the state of the art imaging and cancer treatment center at Texas A&M. Dr. Wilson introduces Vivian Bisson and her 8 year-old dog Charlie who is now in remission from cancer after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment at Texas A&M.

Episode 10

In this week’s episode, “First Lady of Philanthropy” Carolyn Farb stopped by to chat with Arthur and Farah about how her love of helping others fuels her involvement in supporting many great organizations. Carolyn also discussed her book “Lucas Comes to America,” and Arthur and Farah provided an important update on Canada’s seal hunt and the urgent need to put a stop to it.