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FTLOD Episodes 16-20

Episode 16

Dave Fitzpatrick, also known as “Dave the Dog Guy,” joined ADR founder Arthur E. Benjamin and co-host Farah White on “For the Love of Dogs” to discuss dog training from a different perspective. Dave helps dogs with people problems, meaning he starts by teaching people how to effectively communicate with their dogs.

Episode 17

Animal welfare advocate Skip Trimble makes a return trip as a “For the Love of Dogs” guest. Previously on our show, Skip discussed puppy mills with ADR founder Arthur E. Benjamin and co-host Farah White.

This time, Skip discussed other important animal issues such as the inhumane practice of euthanasia via gas chamber, the link between animal abuse and human violence, the danger of keeping exotic animals as pets and more.

Skip’s extensive knowledge and straightforward approach make these crucial animal issues easy to understand.

Episode 18

James Bias and Lacy Ball from the SPCA of Texas join the show to talk about the incredible work they do with animals with an 88% live return rate for their dogs and cats. In 2010, they admitted 8,280 animals, adopted out 5,408 animals and spayed/neutered 16,000 animals. Currently campaigning against puppy mills, they are educating the public on the important and emotional issue of “Know the Truth Behind the Cute”. Go to SPCA.org to take the Puppy Pledge.

Episode 19

Erin Shults, CEO of Mazie’s Mission, joins Arthur and Farah to talk about the mission that is very close to her heart: bringing a self sustaining, focused approach to animal welfare with the purpose of eliminating unnecessary euthanasia. During a puppy mill raid in 2009, Dr. Shults knew she had to do something to stop puppy mills so she started Mazie’s Mission three months later. Her ultimate goal is to establish a world class hospital and lifetime sanctuary for the care of those animals that cannot find a home. Eight month old Maggie (the little dog who joined her on the show) was put in the overnight drop box of the Dallas Animal Services because two of her litter were born without front legs. Maggie is now living happily with Dr. Shults. Learn more about Mazie’s Mission at maziesmission.org.

Episode 20

Metroplex Animal Coalition president Elaine Munch joins Arthur E. Benjamin and Farah White to discuss her organization’s initiatives to reduce overpopulation and euthanasia in the Dallas area. MAC offers spay/neuter services absolutely free to many low-income Dalla families who couldn’t otherwise afford to have their pets spayed or neutered.